Ekologiskt, svensktillverkat och djurvänligt är tre ord som får mig positivt inställd till det mesta. Lägg till en doft av rosor så är jag fast! Första gången jag provade Rosenserien var när jag var på jakt efter ett bra vegansk, gärna ekologiskt, hudvårdsmärke. Eftersom jag verkligen tycker om rosendoft så blev jag glad när jag […]


Lacc, La Couleur Couture,  is an all vegan, non-toxic nail polish brand with a mission. Founder Farima Hakkak wants to inspire women to “follow their heart and do something they never thought possible.” Gotta love that ambition! Believing in beauty without chemicals, Lacc is breathable, cruelty free, vegan, and free from 10 of the most […]

My top vegan skincare products

… that I have at home. Yes, in this post I will invite you to my home and show you products I use on a regular basis. I hope this will inspire you to start making your own home cryelty free. It is easy, and the products are no different from what you might be used […]


Not only the content and origin of your makeup should be reviewed thoroughly – don´t forget about the tools you use to apply it! I believe that makeup brushes can be the key to any successful makeup look, and I don´t want to apply my foundation with hair from dead animals, no thank you. EcoTools […]

Priti NYC

Nail polish time! This is actually one of the first vegan nail polish brands that I got in contact with, and I bought a lovely red color that is perfect for winter. I really like the texture, color and durability of Priti NYC and it is just as good, if not even better, as any […]


Noumenon. Just the name is full of soft elegance, and that also describes this brand and its collections very well. Based in Amsterdam, Noumenon is focusing on chic clothing for women, that has a simple design with a twist. They have some pieces that goes well at the office, and other that are perfect for […]

Online shopping

Even though more and more vegan fashion shops are popping up, there is still a limitation to where you can get vegan, sustainable and fair clothes. I am a believer in supporting your local shops! But at the times where you don´t have a local shop, or they don´t have what you are looking for, […]


This is one of the makeup brands that I use myself, and I am really pleased with it. LilyLolo offers a wide range of mineral makeup without harmful ingredients like parabens and chemicals. Their products are adapted to all types of skin and made with natural ingrediets that will nourish your face. LilyLolo is based […]