Hurtiglane makes the most amazing watches and accessories! I´ve had my eyes on them for quite a while now and I always enjoy looking at their products. This brand is based in Barcelona and has great watches for both men and women. They offer straps in vegan leather, nylon, vegan tweed and stainless steel, and all […]

BAM Sweden

A somewhat windy afternoon in Göteborg, Sweden, I met young entrepreneurs Sixten and Anton for a coffee. They go way back as friends, and told me that they´ve always had their heads (and post its) full of ideas. One day they decided they wanted to start a business together, but that they also wanted to […]

Sustainable vegan luxury

Idag välkomnar jag Amina som gör ett gästinlägg här!   Bonjour mon ami! Jag sitter och njuter av solen i Antibes och skriver till dig. Idag har jag fått äran att gästblogga här inne hos Clara. Vi träffades genom ett hållbart modeevent i Göteborg och förenades i våra bloggar om hållbart mode. Jag driver Sustainable […]

Planet Love Life

How can we help the environment and free the oceans from unwanted fishing nets and other marine debris? Planet Love Life has the answer – make it a part of your lifestyle to clean up the beaches and create beautiful accessories from the material! The brand was founded in 2014 by husband and wife Rob […]

Fashion UP!

Sustainable fashion has still got a long way to go before it will get the attention it deserves in today´s fast fashion culture. That is why I believe that every way to raise awareness about, and increase the avaliability of, sustainable brands is very important. I am lucky enough to live in Sweden´s second largest […]

Dana Young

Living in the city, dreaming of the forest… Inspired by nature and animals, this jewlery artist creates the most amazing pieces. Dana Young uses traditional hand craft and locally produced materials in the making of her jewelry. She is a true friend to nature and animals, donating shares of her profit to different animal and environmental […]

Online shopping

Even though more and more vegan fashion shops are popping up, there is still a limitation to where you can get vegan, sustainable and fair clothes. I am a believer in supporting your local shops! But at the times where you don´t have a local shop, or they don´t have what you are looking for, […]


Just with the same thought as I had when I created Vashion (V for vegan), Votch put the cruelty free message right in their name for everyone to see. I just love brands that really show off their vegan approach! This was one of my top three on my Christmas wish list. Well, you can´t have […]