My paper tote

Yes, you got it right – paper tote! This exciting brand takes on the leather alternatives and offers great bags for everyday use without harming animals, people or the environment. My paper tote offer bags that are durable, flexible and leatherlike in texture – but totally made from paper! Some other benefits are that the […]

Urban expressions

This was actuallt the first vegan bag brand that I got in contact with after becoming vegan. Urban expressions make playful, stylish bags, often with original details and colors. Started in 2005, this brand is all about creating high-fashion vegan accessories that doesn´t compromise on style or ethics. Being among the more well established brands […]

Spring syles: bags

Spring is here! I have been longing like crazy to start wearing lighter fabrics and fewer layers. I am looking forward to brighter colors, thinner soles on my shoes, more sun on my face… Falling in love with spring all over again! In the previous post you will find all about clothes, and this post […]

Matt and Nat

Mat(t)erial and Nature, Matt and Nat, was born in Montreal in 1995. Since then this brand has grown and become one of those brands that most conscious consumers know about and love. Their design is so clean and chic, it ads just the right touch to any outfit and complements it without taking over. This […]

Online shopping

Even though more and more vegan fashion shops are popping up, there is still a limitation to where you can get vegan, sustainable and fair clothes. I am a believer in supporting your local shops! But at the times where you don´t have a local shop, or they don´t have what you are looking for, […]

Hipsters for sisters

Carrie Bradshaw and the ninetees all over again, and at the same time so modern and genious – you can do nothing but love this brand! Hipsters for sisters wants to free us from baggage and our need to carry loades of items around. They remind us of a life in simplicity and style, and they […]


As so many of the smaller, up-coming brands, Voe has a story and a mission. Being vegan for many years, brand creator Jesse had been sewing since she was eight years old. When she met her husband they connected through their interest in textiles and Voe was born. This is an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical and […]


Zink is one of those amazing companies that uses globalization to find the best artisans and materials. Through chic and modern design they create beautiful pieces that can best be described as classic with a global feel. Zink wants quality and style to blend with the individuality and history of each piece created. From the […]