Mireia Playà

Fashion forward, creative and with an edge – at least I´m trying to with words describe this vegan shoe brand. Mireia Playà creates bold designs for the modern woman. The shoes range from sporty to sophisticated, all with stand out details that are typical for this brand. The story of the brand begins with a […]

Beyond skin

What can I say… This brand has been on my wish list ever since I became vegan and found out about them. Their shoes are romantic, chic, retro, luxurious, original – there is nothing more to wish for! Beyond skin creates luxury vegan shoes, and has been doing so since 2001. Their factory is located […]

Spring styles: shoes

Spring is here! I have been longing like crazy to start wearing lighter fabrics and fewer layers. I am looking forward to brighter colors, thinner soles on my shoes, more sun on my face… Falling in love with spring all over again! The previous posts have been about clothes and bags, and now we will […]

Matt and Nat

Mat(t)erial and Nature, Matt and Nat, was born in Montreal in 1995. Since then this brand has grown and become one of those brands that most conscious consumers know about and love. Their design is so clean and chic, it ads just the right touch to any outfit and complements it without taking over. This […]

Online shopping

Even though more and more vegan fashion shops are popping up, there is still a limitation to where you can get vegan, sustainable and fair clothes. I am a believer in supporting your local shops! But at the times where you don´t have a local shop, or they don´t have what you are looking for, […]

Charlie Butler

Now, this brand is exciting – they are unisex! Personally, when I hear the word unisex in the same sentence as shoes, I start to doubt. But looking at the collection from Charlie Butler, I get it. A bit to the maskuline side, these shoes would for sure fit my wardrobe and will be high […]


Melissa loves plastic! So, for all plastic sceptics, this brand might be a bit provoking. Personally I find the most important thing to be the total absence of animals and the attempt to harm them, in their products. They also make the coolest shoes, which is also a plus. Melissa is a Brazilian brand that wants to […]


Veerah is sanskrit and means  ‘warrior’. This chic shoe brand wants you to do good and look incredible, and achives this by having a sustainable and cruelty free production that creates the most amazing pumps for the modern woman. Veerah is a women-led company that wants to empower women. They are partnered with She´s the […]