Hurtiglane makes the most amazing watches and accessories! I´ve had my eyes on them for quite a while now and I always enjoy looking at their products. This brand is based in Barcelona and has great watches for both men and women. They offer straps in vegan leather, nylon, vegan tweed and stainless steel, and all […]

BAM Sweden

A somewhat windy afternoon in Göteborg, Sweden, I met young entrepreneurs Sixten and Anton for a coffee. They go way back as friends, and told me that they´ve always had their heads (and post its) full of ideas. One day they decided they wanted to start a business together, but that they also wanted to […]


Girls, you know that feeling when you constantly have to adjust your bra and can´t wait to take the hard and itching piece off? That feeling was what inspired sisters Arina and Anya to create the Scandinavian lingerie brand Woron. They wanted to make soft and comfortable lingerie without sacrificing style, shape or sustainability. Their […]

Sunday lunch

Augusti i Sverige kan vara så knepigt. Det är inte varmt, men det är inte kallt heller. Jag tycker att ljusa jeans och en långärmad bomullsblus är ett bra var för att hålla sig bekvämt sval. Den här outfiten är perfekt när jag vill känna mig chic, och samtidigt bekväm, när jag äter söndagslunch med […]

Sustainable vegan luxury

Idag välkomnar jag Amina som gör ett gästinlägg här!   Bonjour mon ami! Jag sitter och njuter av solen i Antibes och skriver till dig. Idag har jag fått äran att gästblogga här inne hos Clara. Vi träffades genom ett hållbart modeevent i Göteborg och förenades i våra bloggar om hållbart mode. Jag driver Sustainable […]


Annaborgia is one of those brands where I become completely fascinated by the story behind it. The founder Daniela seems like such a nice person and her ambition when starting Annaborgia is just inspiring. The idea was born from her wedding photographer business and realizing how most wedding dresses is only used that one time […]

Beyond skin

What can I say… This brand has been on my wish list ever since I became vegan and found out about them. Their shoes are romantic, chic, retro, luxurious, original – there is nothing more to wish for! Beyond skin creates luxury vegan shoes, and has been doing so since 2001. Their factory is located […]

My paper tote

Yes, you got it right – paper tote! This exciting brand takes on the leather alternatives and offers great bags for everyday use without harming animals, people or the environment. My paper tote offer bags that are durable, flexible and leatherlike in texture – but totally made from paper! Some other benefits are that the […]