Annaborgia is one of those brands where I become completely fascinated by the story behind it. The founder Daniela seems like such a nice person and her ambition when starting Annaborgia is just inspiring. The idea was born from her wedding photographer business and realizing how most wedding dresses is only used that one time and then never again. Wanting to change the wedding fashion business, but also fashion in general, and spreading knowledge about the negative impact of fast fashion (cheap, trendy clothing only meant to wear a few times) on the environment, is the driving force of Annaborgia.

Since Daniela already lives a vegan lifestyle, no animal products are involved in the Annaborgia pieces. They use carefully sourced alternatives to silk, like their Japanese satin poly, which feels soft on the skin and doesn´t wrinkle, and everything is dyed with non-toxic dye.

If you are not amazed yet, take a look at some of these capsule pices!










For F/W 2017 Anaborgia is launching a whole new vegan eco-leather collection. How amazing are these versatile pieces?!








Vegan: yes

Supply: women casual chic and wedding clothing

Price range: $50-$700

Shop: international shipping


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