BAM Sweden

A somewhat windy afternoon in Göteborg, Sweden, I met young entrepreneurs Sixten and Anton for a coffee. They go way back as friends, and told me that they´ve always had their heads (and post its) full of ideas. One day they decided they wanted to start a business together, but that they also wanted to get serious about doing something for the planet. Looking in to the market they realized that there is more or less a monopoly in the sunglasses business (one and the same company manufacturing pretty much all of the big brand models), and they decided to challenge that. BAM Sweden was born.

The frames of BAM sunglasses are made of bamboo, a sustainable material because of its fast growth pace and that it is a renewable resource. For every pair sold, BAM donates money to The Perfect World Foundation. Having launched during spring 2017 BAM is starting off with three different models – two of which float in water! Anton and Sixten are just getting started, and I am really looking forward to follow them as they develop and grow their sustainable business!


Wearing the model “Monday”


Wearing the model “Friday”
Feeling cool in bamboo!


BAM Sweden

Vegan: vegan friendly

Supply: unisex sunglasses

Price range: 799 sek

Shop: currently shipping to Sweden only. Also available at these retailers.


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