Beyond skin

What can I say… This brand has been on my wish list ever since I became vegan and found out about them. Their shoes are romantic, chic, retro, luxurious, original – there is nothing more to wish for!

Beyond skin creates luxury vegan shoes, and has been doing so since 2001. Their factory is located in Spain, and their materials are eco-friendly and always striving to become even more so. For example they are using PU instead of PVC as their leather alternative (PU is much less harmful for the environment), and materials made from recycled PET bottles.

I believe that Beyond skin is a true leader in the vegan fashion industry. Their designs are uniqe and bold but I still think it can appeal to people with very different styles. Being worn by Natalie Portman and featured in Vogue, Elle and more, they also show that vegan fashion can be high end and just as desirable as the more well known, non-vegan brands. I mean, look at their shoes and tell me I´m wrong!?



Beyond skin

Vegan: yes

Supply: women shoes (mens shoes coming soon)

Price range: €90-€189

Shop: international shipping


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