Capsule closet – underwear edition

This post is made in collaboration with Organic basics and contains affiliate codes and links. All opinions are sincere and my own. If you decide to invest in something from Organic basics, please consider doing so through my links, since that´s the way I get payed for my work. Thank you.

One of the questions I get asked most often about having a capsule closet is the one regarding underwear. Is that included in the total? How much should I have? etc… Personally, I do not include underwear in my +-30 items for each capsule. However, being mindful about what you wear closest to your skin is never a bad idea. I also see no point in owning too many pairs of panties or bras. So if you are on a mission of creating a sustainable closet, limiting and consciously picking your underwear is something I do recommend. Here are a few tips and tricks that can guide you.

How many underwear should I have?

I am a firm believer that having too many items in our homes is a real energy killer. This includes underwear. To be strict, you shouldn´t need more underwear than you use in between laundry. Let´s say you do laundry once a week. Then 7 panties and 2 bras should be enough. Then, let´s say you change underwear after work out and when sleeping, this will add an extra +-9 pairs. This is just an example of how you can do the calculation using your actual need to guide you. The point is – don´t own more than you need.

What materials and designs should I choose?

Most of us use underwear pretty much 24 hours a day. Then being mindful about the materials closest to our skin makes sense to me. The same goes for comfort. As a woman I have been thinking for most of my life that I should experience discomfort and look sexy rather than using underwear that fits my need. I tell you – I´m so over that! You should feel comfortable and safe in your underwear, meaning a design that fits you, and materials that are free from toxins and breath properly.

Does the color and functionality matter?

When it comes to color and design I say go for what ever you love. It can be good to apply the same mindset to your underwear as to the rest of your closet, meaning you should have at least some basic colors that goes with everything. Have a good look at your clothes and decide what you need from your underwear based on that. If you also want to add some fun prints or colors – feel free.

My go-to brand for underwear right now is Organic basics. They use organic and innovative materials and create models that fits perfectly and feels so comfortable. Before they reached out to me with a collaboration offer, I had never tried them before. I can honestly tell you that they are the only brand I buy underwear from now. I am right now trying out their collection SilverTech active, underwear and basics designed for an active lifestyle. The collection is made from recycled nylon and is stretchy, breathable, soft, stays close to the skin, and limits odor. Seriously, they are the best! Until May 31 you get a discount off any purchase, or free shipping, at Organic basics with my code VASHIONOBC2.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please let me know if you try out any of my tips, or how you like your underwear from Organic basics if you invest in anything.

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