Charlie Butler

Now, this brand is exciting – they are unisex! Personally, when I hear the word unisex in the same sentence as shoes, I start to doubt. But looking at the collection from Charlie Butler, I get it. A bit to the maskuline side, these shoes would for sure fit my wardrobe and will be high up on my next-to-buy-list. In their latest collection they are also offering a range for women with a more feminine touch.

Charlie Butler was born when the founder could not find a vegan leather shoe that offered the same quality as the animal leather ones. He found a producer in Indonesia willing to hand make the shoes in a vegan material, and so the journey begun. The shoes are soft, weightless and adjusts to the shape of your foot, and the design is simple. The message is simple, too. Looking good doesn´t have to mean killing animals.




Charlie Butler

Vegan: yes

Supply: unisex and men & women shoes

Price range: $79-$239 – use the code VASHIONBLOGG10 for $10 off at check-out! (valid February 14-Marsch 7 2017)

Shop: free worldwide shipping



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