Davis fashion

“A woman should never have to choose between being smart or sexy.” Davis

Davis fashion is an LA based, cruelty free fashion brand. Her designs are best described as romantic, feminine and bold. She creates a timeless vintage look for her dresses and fun prints on her tops. This small designer brand uses some sustainable fabrics, such a rayon (viscose), and has a small scale production which decreases the risk to over-produce items that just goes to waste.



Review of Davis fashion top “Lauren”

Davis was kind enough to send me one of her tops to try. I was excited to find a beautiful, soft fabric with snake print on it – animal prints will be an IT-detail this autumn. The top is made from rayon, which is a viscose fabric. Viscose is made from cellulose, tree pulp, and you find this and more animal friendly materials in my previous post on the topic.

The top has adjustable straps which I think is a huge plus. The fabric is really light and soft, and the fit is good, too. I am often a size Medium, however this top is size Small. I think both would have fit fine, it´s all about how tight you prefer it to be. The seams are well done. The top has a little slit on the bottom sides which I think gives it a nice fit.

This top goes very well with a pair of jeans and a blazer, or on top of a turtle neck for an edgy 90´s look. You can check out my outfit post with this top for some more inspiration.


Davis fashion

Vegan: yes

Supply: womens tops and dresses

Price range: $49 –

Shop: international shipping


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