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Det här blogginlägget är ett samarbete med Blixtiz och Deodoc. Jag får provision för all försäljning som görs med min rabattkod. Alla åsikter är uppriktiga och mina egna.  

This is a collaboration with Blixtiz and Deodoc. I get a commission for any sales made with my discount code. All opinions are sincere and my own.


Okej tjejer, det här inlägget är för er! Jag har testat riktigt grymma intimvårdsprodukter som verkligen har hjälpt mig inse att jag har bortprioriterat att ta hand om mitt underliv. Hur kan jag inte ha använt raklödder innan, liksom? Deodoc är ett svenskproducerat märke, framtaget av två systrar tillsammans med gynekolog, som vill tillgodose kvinnors behov och bryta tabun kring att prata om vaginan. De är självklart veganska och cruelty free. Jag har testat deras rakprodukter samt intimtvätten. Riktigt lyxiga produkter och förpackningar som doftar ljuvligt och fungerar toppenbra – jag rekommenderar varmt Deodoc! Läs lite mer om dem på engelska här nedan, och glöm inte att använda min rabattkod om du är sugen på att prova – Clara15 är det som gäller. Hur är det för dig, använder du intimprodukter, eller funderar du på att börja? Kommentera gärna!


Ladies, are you sitting down? Because I´m about to tell you about a brand that has changed my life! Well, okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but seriously, these products have actually been quite revolutionary for me. I have up until now dismissed intimate care products, because I thought I didn´t need them. But now, once I´ve tried it, I cannot understand how I ever lived without it. When I think about it – I take so good care of every other area on my body, but I´ve completely neglected one of the most sensitive and important ones! Let´s call her the rose. You know what, let´s call it what it is – the vagina.

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First, I want to talk a little about the brand. Deodoc is made “for women, by women“. The two sisters Hedieh and Hasti wanted to break the tabu and misunderstandings around intimate skincare. Since they couldn´t find satisfying products on the market, they decided to make their own. With the help of their own knowledge and needs, together with medical expertise, they started Deodoc – a vegan and cruelty free intimate skincare brand for women, by women. I guess this might be one of the reasons I haven´t realised I should be using products like these – there haven´t really been any avaliable. Deodoc is developed and produced in Sweden together with a gynecologist – how awesome is that?

There is still so much tabu around talking about the vagina – I know I am very uncomfortable doing it. Let´s help each other break that tabu and give our vaginas the love that they deserve! Deodoc sent me some products to try – the Daily intimate wash (Fresh coconut scent), and the 3-step Start kit for shaving. They also make the Intimate deowipes and Intimate deospay. Here is what I think about the products I tried.

My first impression when receiving the products was that they looked and felt very luxurious. I remember the intimate care soap we had at home when I was little – a very un-appealing bottle and smell. The packages are made from plastic – even though not the best material from an eco-perspective, I wouldn´t want to have wet and slippery glass bottles in the shower (read my post about plastic to learn more).

The scent is sweet, yet fresh, and not too strong. I´ve always thought that you should not use scented products for your vagina, but as long as they´re safe – why not? It makes total sense! The Daily intimate wash has a lovely, silky texture and makes me feel clean and pampered. The 3-step Shaving kit is awesome – how can I not have used shaving foam before? I start with the oil to soften the skin and hair, then apply the foam and shave. When dry, apply the balm that has such a calming effect and prohibits redness and dry spots.

I love how female empowerment gets to stand in the center for Deodoc, but that they did not forget about the animals. A bosslady product should undoubtfully also be vegan and cruelty free! I cannot enough express how happy I am for having realised that my vagina needs much more love and care than I have given her. I truly recommend all you ladies to try Deodoc out – hopefully you´ll appreciate them just as much as I have. Don´t forget to use my code Clara15 for 15% off your purchase! Go to my IGTV (Instagram TV) to watch my review of the products there.

Do you use intimate care products? If not, are you considering starting to do so after reading this post? Let me know in the comments!



Vegan: Yes

Supply: intimate care products

Price range: $19.50 – $60-50

Shop: international shipping



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  1. Girl this post is soooo good? you make me want to buy the products! I laser down there, but I would have loved to try the 3 step shaving kit. But yea would love to try the foam too❤❤ thanks.for this post I really enjoyed reading it.

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