Earth day – three easy way to be more sustainable

When writing this post it is Earth day. A day to reflect about the planet we live on and the impact we have on it.

Nature is our mother. She is the source of all life and the perfect circular system. To me it is so important to regularly connect with nature, it doesn´t have to be harder than taking a walk. To just move in silence, listen to the here and now, breathing, absorbing the pure energies.

When being present with this, the essence of life, it is hard to imagine the damage we cause it because of greed and ego. How can buying cheap clothes, driving big cars or earning the most money be any more important than life itself?

I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming, like there is nothing you can do to make a difference. I also know that changing habits is hard, being both time- and energy consuming. But know this – You CAN make all the difference in the world! Let me show you.

Three easy way to be more sustainable

One – eat more greens

The meat, egg and dairy industry has a heavy, negative impact on the environment.  It is also, if you ask me, terribly unethical. Billions (!) of animals are slaughtered every year just for us to eat a hamburger or some bacon. Besides from flavour, there is nothing positive coming from this industry. Nothing. If going vegan is too much for you to begin with, start small. I suggest you start by replacing a few meels a week with vegan ones. Also, replacing cow’s milk and cream with plantbased options is a great and easy way to lower your animal product consumption. It doesn’t have to be harder than that – just do it! Just have some patience, changing habits take time.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about how to get started!

Two – plan your shopping

The best way to lower your consumption and making it more sustainable is being mindful about what you buy. Start with a mental, or physical, go through of your belongings. Make sure you know what you already have, be it clothes, technical gear, home decoration or something else. Missing something? Write it down (like I did on my shopping list for 2018)! By planning your shopping you will know you´re only buying things you really need and will use. By stopping your impulse shopping you will not only save money, but also the planet.

Three – reconnect with nature

It is so much easier to commit if you really care. To care you need to open your heart and step a little closer. Listen. By spending more time in nature you will feed your soul, connect with mother Earth and start appreciating her more. Then it´s much easier to make wise decisions based on her wellbeing – and yours.

Happy Earth day!


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