Ella+Mila – vegan nailpolish

I don´t think I´ve ever come across a nailpolish brand with this many colors to choose from. Ella+Mila is a USA based makeup brand with exactly that mission – to provide you with that specific nailpolish color that you´ve been looking for. Personally I really did find what I was looking for, that I hadn´t found anywhere else.

The name of the brand comes from one of the founder´s daughters, named Ella and Mila. The brand is cruelty free, vegan and 7-free, meaning their polishes does not contain 7 of the most harmful chemicals usually found in nailpolish. Apart from nailpolish, Ella+Mila also has a range of vegan and cruelty free liquid lipsticks.


See my previous post for all my best tips on how to get healthy vegan nails.


Ella+Mila – what I think

I ordered four colors and a nail polish remover. As always it takes forever and costs a small fortune to ship from the US to Sweden, but I was still very excited when I finally recieved the products. So far I like them, for the following reasons:

  • Easy to apply with a suite small size brush
  • Very well pigmented. I´ve had some mixed experiences from colors like yellow, but there was no problem with getting good cover with this one.
  • The colors held their promise, from what I ordered on the website, to the look of the bottle, and on to my nails.
  • I´ve had the polish on for four days and it looks more or less as new still.


I am so happy to have found yet another vegan nail polish of good quality. No need to buy beauty products that have been tested on, or contains ingredients from, animals.



Vegan: yes

Supply: nailpolish and liquid lipsticks

Price range: $7 – $80

Shop: international shipping


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