Fabolous feminine vegan boots

No matter how much I love summer, the shoppaholic in me makes a little happy dance when autumn comes. The freshness in the air and the feeling of starting anew – and the cooler weather that calls for warmer clothes. This fall I am all about the boot, preferrably with a high heel. Here are my favourites this year (what do you think, anyone you like in particular? Which one would/will you get?).


Bourgeois Boheme ‘Annie Pinatex’


Wills ‘Luxe heeled shoes black’


Melissa ‘Classic boot’


Nae ‘Marion’
Olsenhaus ‘A-Journey’
Beyond skin ‘Morgan’
Nae ‘Tessa brown’


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Bourgeois Boheme ‘Annie Pinatex*, shop

Wills ‘Luxe heeled shoes black’, shop

Melissa ‘Classic boot’, shop

Nae ‘Marion’, shop

Olsenhaus ‘A-Journey’, shop

Beyond skin ‘Morgan’, shop

Nae ‘Tessa brown’, shop


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