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Sustainable fashion has still got a long way to go before it will get the attention it deserves in today´s fast fashion culture. That is why I believe that every way to raise awareness about, and increase the avaliability of, sustainable brands is very important. I am lucky enough to live in Sweden´s second largest city, which means more access to designers and entrepreneurs who share my vision.

During May 12-14 I got to experience Fashion UP!, a sustainable fashion event in Gothenburg arranged by Klädoteket. I participated at the opening show and got to meet a lot of nice local designers and small businesses, all dedicated to fashion in a sustainable way. These are some of my favorites:


By Frida EM

Frida is a passionate designer with a vision to change the world. She creates unique accessories and clothes from used bicycle tubes, and her idea is to keep it local in terms of both material and making. Keep your eyes on this one, I think her energy and designs can take her far.

This diamond necklace… <3


How amazing is this body belt?!


Filippa Strand Berg

Filippa makes the most amazing, romantic clothes from reused materials such as old curtains. I just love that idea, and I really enjoyed looking at her beautiful creations!

Filippa and her beautiful designs, wearing one of her own off shoulder tops.



Toba is a brand dedicated to clean design and good materials. Their cotton is GOTS certified, and they support the Great Andoh International School in Ghana with each sale. I love the fact that they are located in Gothenburg, too <3



Lovisa Sköld

Jewelry with a purpose and great design – Lovisa nails it with her empowering pieces!

LOVE the Uterus necklace on the right!


Lovisa to the left and Mia from Starry eyes to the right

Starry eyes

This is a designer with a creative yet simple style. Mia is a bubbly person and I believe it is reflected in her design. By reusing old saris she gives the fabric new life and makes it avaliable to the modern fashionista. (Note: since the fabric is mostly made from silk this is not a vegan designer. Personally I am against all use of fabric made with or from animals, but I like the idea to reuse fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.)

Beautiful dresses and kimonos!



I am so happy to have been able to show you some great small business Swedish designers that are all about sustainability!


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