Faux fur and chunky shoes

This black and white outfit is such a great example of everything I stand for when it comes to fashion. Elegant and stylish with a twist. Faux everything because “real” fur and leather is so not cool anymore. Smart ways to use all the clothes in my closet, even more dressed-up pieces like this jumpsuit. As usual I shot this outfit with the ever so talented Kimothy photography. She just makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera!

Faux and swapped

This coat is an absolute favorite in my closet, and it has a little story behind it, too. One of my closest colleagues from my previous employer bought this in New York many years ago but pretty much never used it. She brought it to work one day to see if any one else wanted it – and I absolutely fell in love! It feels so good that it didn´t go to waste. I also just noticed that Rachel is wearing a similar coat in an episode in season 6 of ‘Friends”!

Use what you have

Both the jumpsuit and the clutch are bought to wear for parties. However, in this way I get to use them even on regular days. The trick is to dress the jumpsuit down with a turtleneck. Since the outfit is stylishly black and white the red bag becomes a great accessory without the whole outfit looking too dressed up. So instead of these two items being worn maybe once or twice a year I can use them every week if I want to!

I am in love with these faux leather shoes, too. You can see me wearing them with a totally different style in this previous outfit post.

Coat: swapped

Jumpsuit: Sisley

Turtleneck: Woron

Shoes: Mireia Playà

Bag: no-brand from nelly.com



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