Faux fur coats autumn 2017

A soft, fluffy cloud of fashion loveliness. This season I am dreaming about faux fur coats like never before. Is it just me, or is it becoming more and more popular with faux fur? In any case there are so many awesome brands creating the most amazing coats at the moment.

Discussion note: my boyfriend asked me “Why would you want to recreate and wear something that you´re against?” I think it´s a good question. From one perspective, encouraging the use of fur, faux or not, will contain the idea of fur as a fashion item. If one is truly against the use of fur – then just don´t wear it! Then there is the other perspective – fur is soft and beautiful, why not be inspired by that? Also, in order to change behavior, I believe that there has be other, similar options that makes the transition easier. Then faux is great, because in the end we do achieve what we wanted – to stop people from wearing dead animals. What are your thoughts on this topic? – please share in the comments!

Last season I put together a similar list of faux fur coats. Here are my favorites this season.

Check out my Pinterest for more faux fur inspiration.


Asos Stradivarius aviator jacket
Faux UK Montana hooded coat



Donna Salyers hooded coat
Pelush Anna coat


Unreal fur Unreal dream coat



Donna Salyers bomber jacket
Donna Salyers white coat


Shrimps Marilyn coat



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