February list of the month

You guys have asked for more personal stuff about me. Since this blog is not really a day-to-day blog, I´ve been thinking about how to share more about myself in a more structured kind of way (I LOVE structure, haha!). So I thought that a monthly list of all my activities and favorite things could be a good idea. So here goes.

Podcast I´m listening to

My own, acually. Did you know that I´ve started a podcast together with Aimina from sustainableluxury.se (see her guest post on my blog here)? It´s avaliable in Swedish and is called ‘Sustainable fashionistas‘ .

Music of the month

I have recently re-discovered my old crush Keane <3

Favorite vegan brand

Since we recently talked about sustainable wedding fashion in my podcast I have been loving the minimalistic and sustainable bridal iteams from Annaborgia a little bit extra.

I am reading

Yrke: Influencer by Linda Hörnfeldt that was actually released just now in February

Films and series

So happy to have been quite active during Göteborg’s film festival and I just loved the French comedy film ‘C’est la vie’. Also just finished re-watching ‘Friends’ – such an awesome series!

Last buy

My beautiful, dreamy burgundy faux fur coat – one item to cross from my shopping list for 2018

Favorite vegan profile

This month I am so inspired by fellow fashion blogger Marta Canga‘s style and drive – she just started her own You tube channel, too!

Thought of the month

Doubt is fear in disguise and can be so limiting and down-putting. Don´t let doubt get the best of you! I try to fight it by speaking about it, believing in myself and facing what I fear. What are your best trick to handle fear?





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