February makeup favorites

This post is in collaboration with Kissed by eco and contains adlinks. All opinions are my own.

I´ve teamed up with my go-to vegan and organic makeup store Kissed by eco again.

ALLA HJÄSTANS DAG-TÄVLING! Vill du vinna alla tre produkterna nedan? Tävla med mig och Kissed by eco på Instagram – tävlingen avgörs på alla hjärtans dag.


Eyeshadow is sort of a new crush for me. I´ve really started to appreciate how much you can play around with a makeup with the help of an eyeshadow. One of this month’s favorites goes under the category vegan and organic makeup and is a whole eyeshadow palette from LilyLolo. It has a metallic shimmer to it and comes in natural but yet vibrant colors in both warm and cold tones. I´ve played around quite a lot with it and want to show you one of my favorite makeups that I created.



As you can see the colors glow really nicely. I´ve had it both to work and when going out, and the palette offers so many options depending on mood and situation. Just use a good eyeshadow primer and it will last all day. The palette is called ´Pedal to the Metal´. Isn´t it pretty?



I am not really a brow person – you know, the ones who have those perfectly shaped and painted eyebrows that become the center of the make up. However I do want my eyebrows to look well maintained and visible, I just don´t want to have to put too much effort into it. One of my makeup favorites this February is an eyebrow gel from Sante Naturkosmetik. It comes in two colors and I went for the lighter one since I´m blonde.



The gel paints on so easily and gives just the perfect amount of color to your brows. The gel is quite wet, so I recommend you have a light touch to your hand when painting it on. What I particularly like about it is that it makes my brows look naturally fuller and more distinct, but without a lot of hard work. The gel contains little fibers that helps to fill out your brows, which is extra good for us who don’t have a lot of brow to begin with. This is an all vegan and organic makeup product, off course.


As you can see my eyebrows are quite light and thin


Fuller and more tinted but still looking natural


As I´ve already showed you in a sneak peak on my Instagram, one of my favorite makeup products at the moment is something out of the ordinary. Organic make up lovers, keep reading! I am a moderate highlighter-user, meaning I appreciate it and use it every now and then but not every day. However with this magic little product I´ve been watching myself become more and more of a highlighter-lover, using it more or less on a daily basis. Oh, the glow!

This highlighter comes in a thick, creamy, liquid formula, something that was totally new to me. I find it easy to apply and that it sits really well during a whole day. The consistency of this highlighter makes it easy to adjust the amount of glow depending on mood and occasion.



To me, the glow is just perfect. I am not a big fan of that “see you from the moon” kind of glow, but prefer a healthy shine that brings out the best of your facial structure. This product is quite pigmented, so I recommend trying it on your skin to see how much color it brings to your skin tone. I personally use this as a highlighter and a bronzer in one, because of the golden tanned color tone. If you want to add a bronzer, do it after you´ve applied the highlighter.

My recommendation is to put it on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, top of your chin, above your lip and under your eyebrows. Pretty much ready to go after this. On these pictures I´ve put on a foundation base and then only used the highlighter.



The brand is called Eco minerals and their Alchemy highlight cream is 100% mineral based, vegan and suits all skin types. It is a living proof that organic makeup is great makeup.

Stay tuned for one more monthly favorite.


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