Gender flexible classics

Gender flexibility is a relatively new term in fashion that is highlighted this season. HOPE is one designer brand that will focus on this in their latest collection, where some of the most classic items – pants, white shirt and jacket – are styled in a gender flexible/neutral way. Classics doesn´t have to equal a sex, but can just be themselves in their own, fabolous way.

Here is my interpretation on this style. I used little makeup, styled my hair in a neutral style, and used minimalistic cuts and colors. Just a little color on the nails… 🙂


Nothing more classic than a trenchcoat!
A classic shirt with a twist – I love the minimalism of this design!
Organic cotton shirt
Love the details in the back!
At the end of this fotoshoot was a vegan pizza waiting…


Trench: Tiger of Sweden

Shirt: Jan´n June

Jeans: Monki

Shoes: Vagabond (not vegan)

Bag: old, ‘no brand’ vegan leather


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  1. So true & beautiful!

    I always got my older brothers clotjes as a child & still love to borough stuff from him or my boyfriend! Somethings just look so different on different people & gender but still beautiful & classic!

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