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This post in in collaboration with Go as u.r. All opinions are sincere and my own. 

Go as u.r is the new vegan label brought to you with love straight from Belgium. I first found this brand on Instagram and immediately fell for their bold colors and designs. What really caught my attention though, was their immaculate green and ethical profile. When Annelies from Go as u.r contacted me I was really happy. We spoke over the phone and she told me all about their story, and I realised that we share the same view on the world and both strive to make it better, for all living.

Photo: Kimothy photography

Their designs are timeless and made to last, created for confident girls on the go who wants to explore the world in style. However, it does not come with an unnecessary cost on the environment. Go as u.r use eco-friendly textiles, like organic cotton, wood pulp (lyocell), recovered fish nets turned into nylon fibres, and recycled polyester. Even their packagings are eco-friendly, with bio-based bags and recycled cardboard. All production is conducted in a small family-run factory in Portugal to ensure ethical and fair manufacturing conditions.

Not only does Go as u.r produce the coolest clothes, they also have their own range of makeup and skincare. It´s all packaged in eco-friendly containers, and made from natural and paraben free ingredients. Needless to say everything is vegan och cruelty free. In the skincare range they have a cleanser, a balancing body emulsion, a vitalising serum, and a protective face mist. Their makeup includes six vibrating lipcolors, three blush-colors, three eyeshadow palettes with two bold colors in each, and two mascaras.

Go as u.r wear

I´ve been trying out the high waist tights in adrenaline red-charged pink + the long-line halter in the same colors. They are both made from recovered fishing nets, that´s been made into nylon. Can we first just take a second and enjoy the colors (and their names)!

Photo: Kimothy photography

Okay, so now let´s move on to the functionality and design. The tights have some awesome details where the colors really get to interact with each other. They have a wristband that makes them stay in place (I hate it when tights start climbing up the calf), and this really works as it´s meant to – yet they´re still stretchy enough to go over your foot without a problem. The high waist is a must for me, especially for workout wear. The waist band is not too tight, if anything it´s actually a bit too loose for my shape (I´m a hour glass shape). They´re very comfortable and easy to move aroud in, and I did try some quite strange positions.

To make it measurable, I like to rate the products I try. Because of the somewhat loose waist, I´d give these tights a 3, but thanks to the amazing colors and design, I think they deserve an extra +. 3,5/5 feels like a fair rating.

Photo: Kimothy photography

The halter has the same bold colors and is very comfortable – I almost forgot I was wearing it. It fit perfectly, tight in all the right places but not too tight, offering support without hurting.

The top leaves nothing to wish fort, it definately deserves a 5/5.

Photo: Kimothy photography

Go as u.r beauty

The antioxidant vitalising serum is light and so soft on the skin, and I feel energised and healthy after applying it. I´ll need some time to really evaluate the longterm effects, but so far I am extremely happy with the texture and result that I´m seeing. It has a scientifically proved formula containing ingredients like rosemary and grapeseed, workng as a cellular energy boost. So far, this is without a doubt one of the best serums I´ve ever tried, and I´m giving it a 5/5.


The no 1 creamy lipstick ‘Adrenaline red’ has already gotten me so many compliments from friends and strangers. It is a highly pigmented, matte color that really make my lips pop. A problem I can experience with some lipcolors is that they are drying my lips rather than moisturizing them (anyone else who´s had the same experience?). I seriously have not had that problem with this lipstick, at all! It contains organic oils like jojoba, and vitamine E, to help your lips stay soft and nourished all day.

I´ll give this lipstick 4,5/5 (the only thing I´d wish for is that it would be a tiiiiny bit more soft when applying, but now I´m being picky).


I must say I´m always a bit suspicious when a brand wants to do both clothes and beauty products. I feel like you can´t be great at both. This time though, I was happily surprised. Go as u.r really has succeded with their concept – in fact, I think the mix of products is what makes them strong as a lifestyle brand. The genuine care for the ethical and environmental aspects and their sincere effort to make everything in their production sustainable, is worth alot of credit. I feel like I can´t wait to see what else they come up with in the future.

What´s your impression of this brand? Please share your thoughts in the comments!






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