Hipsters for sisters

Carrie Bradshaw and the ninetees all over again, and at the same time so modern and genious – you can do nothing but love this brand! Hipsters for sisters wants to free us from baggage and our need to carry loades of items around. They remind us of a life in simplicity and style, and they do it sustainably, ethically and all vegan. 5% of the purchase price is given to women-empowering organizations.

Hipsters for sisters is a family owned brand, started by a mother and her two daughters (love!). They use materials like cork, Ultrasuede and organic cotton, and all their bags a neat, stylish and very original.

I actually invested in a golden cork bag for myself. It comes with both a hipster belt and a shoulder strap, and it can also be used as a clutch. It is super cute and really challanged me to pick only my essentials to bring, which resulted in my phone and my credit card. And, you know what – it was enough! I just had to overcome the first feeling of having lost something, since I did not have to carry the bag in my hand or on my shoulder.

Ladies, free yourselves!





Hipsters for sisters

Vegan: yes

Supply: bags and card cases/pouches

Price range: $35-$185

Shop: international shipping


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