Jill Milan

There is always something special with brands that are sprung from the idea that there is something missing on the market. This was just the case when Jill Fraser and her partner Milan Lazich founded the vegan bag brand Jill Milan.

Jill Milan has given over 10 percent of sales to charities that help animals, including ones that rescue horses at-risk of going to slaughter, something that really shows their dedication to the cause.

This is a classic and luxury handbag brand that doesn´t come with the price of a life – they even save lives! The vashion blogg truly thinks this is something worth spending your money on!






Jill Milan

Vegan: yes

Supply: women bags, coats and accessories, and some selected pet items

Price range: $225-$1,700 with most items around $400

Shop: Made in Italy. International shipping.


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  1. To be accurate, we have donated over 10% of sales, not profits, to animal welfare groups such as Mercy for Animals, HSUS, and Southern California Rescue. Often ex-racehorses are sent to sanctuaries, such as Old Friends in Kentucky, by their owners. We provide assistance to charities that rescue horses that are “at-risk” of going to slaughter–e.g., horses that are being sold at low-end auctions.

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