July list of the month

Hi loves, how are you!?

July felt like it was a really long month, which I appreciate. It´s still crazy hot in Sweden, and I´ve been enjoying my vacation for the last week and a half. This is what I´ve been up to:


Podcast I´m listening to

Election is coming up this September, so I am collecting a bunch of political podcasts to stay updated

Music of the month

Only us by Paperwhite – you guys HAVE to listen to this one!!

Favorit vegan brand

I´ve been using my beuatiful bag from Hipsters for sisters alot lately – they definately deserve attention!

I am reading

Slowly, not as much as I had hoped to be honest…

Film and series

I saw Disney´s last film Vaiana the other day – it was FANTASTIC!!

Last buy

My pink linen suit from Swedish designer brand Filippa K (part of my summer capsule closet)

Favorit vegan profile

Nadhisha from Huntd is such an amazing person with a great sense of style. She also just started her own line of vegan shoes!

Thought of the month

How to create change. Since going vegan I have been thinking alot about what starts change, and what it takes to make yourself and others to change. There is so much resistance towards it! Anything that is not “normal”, and that means we´ll have to adjust our habits and ways of living. Why? And what is the best way to handle that? Animals are suffering and dying by the millions, and I just wish chage would come faster. What do you think about this?


With love,




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