June list of the month

So, June went by way too fast! I´ve been busy enjoying the summer and watching the World cup, so the list of the month is a little bit late. Well, hey, that´s life!

Podcast I´m listening to

Not really a podcast, but I´ve focused on stress reduction and invested in a 10 day course though the meditation app ‘Insight timer’.

Music of the month

My long-time favorite Goo Goo Dolls is getting alot of my attention this month. ‘Slide’ is such a doubtless classic, and it´s perfect for summer!

Favorite vegan brand

I am crushing on my new top from Jan´n June, so they have definately been on top of my mind this month!



I am reading

‘How to create a vegan world’ by Tobias Leeneart

Films and series

So happy that season two of the UK series ‘Our girl’ is out – RECOMMEND!

Last buy

Nothng this month – I´ve been a good girl 🙂 But honestly, I haven´t felt the need. I have all I need, and I have to get my summer capsule in order before shopping anything new.

Favorite vegan profile

I have to highlight the vintage fashion queen, and one of the most compassionate people I know – Klara from Just Easy Nice. Check out her blog and Instagram for some great cruelty free, vintage looks!

Thought of the month

Living in Sweden, I easily get stuck in waiting, and longing, for summer, and when it finally arrives I’m still in some kind of waiting mode. All of the sudden, summer ends, and I realize I haven´t been enjoying it enough. The last years I´ve been practicing on adjusting my expectations on summer, and also to just stop every day and take it all in. Summer is NOW. Life is NOW.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this post girl, such a great idea to list these things each month! It helps us get to know you more and gives me major vegan inspiration! Thanks for sharing this xx

  2. You are too adorable, loved reading your post—and thank you for the mention! How sweet:) P.S. I love that Jan ‘N June top, too.

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