Kester black

This Australian beauty brand is dedicated to producing ethical and sustainable cosmetics. Kester Black has been awarded with a great range of accreditations, such as Choose Cruelty Free, International Cruelty Free, and Vegan Society. This makes them an animal friendly brand that one can really count on. They donate 2% of their turnover to charities each year and by that proves their commitment to doing good while providing great, qualitative beauty products.



The Kester black nailpolish is 10-free, meaning lots of bad stuff is taken out. Their products does for example not include sulfates, palm oil, parabens, or petrochemicals. Instead they work with organic and natural ingredients. Producing in small batches, using recycled materials and renewable energy resources, makes this company a good choice if you care about sustainability (off course you do!).



I could go on forever talking about all the great thing this comany do. Their website is very transparent and holds lots and lots of information about everything from sourcing to the standard at their office. Let me wrap it up like this. If you are looking for good looking nail polish in great colors, made by a company that cares, Kester black is the go-to brand.



Kester black

Vegan: yes

Supply: nail polish, hand- body and nail care

Price range: $4 – $54 with most products at $20

Shop: international shipping and at these stockists



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