The cotton industry is one of the main reasons behind poverty and pollution in the areas where the cotton is grown. This knowledge led to the creation of Kuyichi. The founders of Kuyichi wanted to introduce a sustainable jeans option to the fashion market. Using recycled and organic cotton, and recycled polyester, Kuyichi are aiming for a closed-loop production. Their name originates from the Peruvian god of the rainbow, and Peru was also the country where their first organic cotton production was from.

Jeans truly are something that almost everyone has in their closet and use on a daily basis. Why not make your next pair sustainable and fair? Sustainable and fair for the planet and the living beings on it. Not a bad thing that they look good, too 🙂





Vegan: vegan friendly

Avoid: The previous collections have an animal leather patch, but all new arrivals will be vegan (with a patch made from jacron)

Supply: men and women jeans and clothing

Price range: jeans between €100-€160

Shop: international shipping




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