This is one of the makeup brands that I use myself, and I am really pleased with it. LilyLolo offers a wide range of mineral makeup without harmful ingredients like parabens and chemicals. Their products are adapted to all types of skin and made with natural ingrediets that will nourish your face.

LilyLolo is based and produced mainly in the UK. Their packages are minimalistic and easy to handle, and they offer everything from foundation to brushes and nail polish, to a very fair price, too. Their products also lasts for a long time, I have had the Mineral bronzer for about a year, applying it almost every day, and I still haven´t used it up!


Vegan: vegan friendly up to 90%

Avoid: look here for the products that contain carmine (red color made from insects)

Supply: makeup

Price range: €5.50 – €68.50

Shop: international shipping and at stockists around the globe



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