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This post is a collaboration with Love Sofie. 

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Swedish brands – Love Sofie. This luxury vegan shoe brand is run by three women, including the founder Sofie Bly herself. Their design is innovative and environmentally responsible, and they also conduct their work in a compassionate and transparent way. By combining quality and design, Love Sofie want to make sure that their products look and feel amazing.

Life’s to short not to wear animal-free fashion!

Love Sofie – thoughtful all the way

Their shoes are all produced in Spain under fair conditions. As a result of involving European craftsmen throughout the production line, the brand assures keeping the jobs and knowledge in these countries. Love Sofie is truly innovative due to the use of sustainable materials like plantleather, organic cotton, recycled denim, and recycled polyester. Plantleather is an exciting material, explained to us by the brand like this: “Our plant leather is made by mixing PU with palm, corn, soybean and other plant oils. This mixture is laminated together in layers to create something that feels and acts like animal leather. This vegan option doesn’t harm any animals and It’s breathable, strong and water repellent.” This type of leather has a lower overall carbon footprint compared to animal leather and common synthetic leathers only based on plastic materials.


Again, here we have proof that vegan fashion is innovative and forward thinking, without compromising on style. Stay tuned for outfits posts including Love Sofie’s awesome designs! I am looking forward to styling some of these amazing shoes, and also to deciding which capsules to put them in. Did you by the way read my post about my spring capsule? You´ll find some great ideas on materials, in addition to styling and smart, fashionable details, there.

What do you think about this brand? Had you heard of plantleather before?




Love Sofie

Vegan: yes

Supply: women´s shoes

Price range: 1000-1600 SEK (ca €100-€160)

Shop: international shipping



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