March list of the month

You guys have asked for more personal stuff about me. Since this blog is not really a day-to-day blog, I´ve been thinking about how to share more about myself in a more structured kind of way (I LOVE structure, haha!). So I thought that a monthly list of all my activities and favorite things could be a good idea. So here goes.

Podcast I´m listening to

Crushing on Säker stil with Ebba von Sydow and Emilia de Poret right now. They are smart, funny and I love their style!

Music of the month

Cannot stop listening to ‘Addicted’ with Morgan Page and Greg Laswell!

Favourite vegan brand

Dreaming about the gorgeous heels from Veerah right now (they are also part of my shopping list for 2018). Just waiting for the weather to get better.

I am reading

‘Tripwire’, a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Jack is my hero <3 These books are perfect for everyday reading, just enough excitement and action

Films and series

So happy that ‘Gift vid första ögonkastet’ (Married at first sight) is back!

Last buy

Two eyeshadow palettes from Lime Crime – they will definately be part of my favourite makeup of the month.

Favourite vegan profile

My dear friend Maria Anderzon. She is doing so many great things right now, with her blog and her new site Vegorabatt, and I know she´s got more stuff going on.

Thought of the month

Relationships. Pretty much everything in life is connected to some sort of relationship with other people. Be it a parent or a colleague, your relationships will have a big part of your life. They can make you happy or sad, put you under pressure or lift you up. So choose well and be aware of how your relationships affect you.

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