Matt and Nat

Mat(t)erial and Nature, Matt and Nat, was born in Montreal in 1995. Since then this brand has grown and become one of those brands that most conscious consumers know about and love. Their design is so clean and chic, it ads just the right touch to any outfit and complements it without taking over. This is a brand that suits minimalists as well as those who just want a really nice bag to go with their style.

Matt and Nat has been a vegan company since the start, and they have always been inspired by sustainability and eco-friendliness. They are using lots of recycled materials, such as 100% recycled plastic bottles in the linings. The vegan leather used for all products is top-quality and leaves nothing to wish for. Buying vegan fashion has never been more good looking!




Matt and Nat

Vegan: yes

Supply: men and women bags, shoes and accessories

Price range: $28 – $220

Shop: international shipping and at these retailers


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