May list of the month

Hello loves,

I hope your May has been good – mine has been really nice! There is something crazy going on with the weather here in Sweden, with degrees at around 25-30 Celsius – this is the warmest May ever measured! I am enjoying every second of it. Here´s what I´ve been up to:

Podcast I´m listening to

Oprah´s SuperSoul conversations. So many soulful and wise interviews that are more or less life changing!

Music of the month

Worst in me with Julia Michaels. Such a nice song!

Favorite vegan brand

I have a new crush on Matt and Nat since buying a pair of their shoes. They are awesome!

I am reading

Just dusted off my old school book from University about labor law, something I feel that I need to get better at (since I´m working with human resources).

Films and series

Just finished the latest season of Suits. Still going strong if you ask me, and OMG they are so stylish!

Last buy

Way too much, haha! Two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants, and a blouse, all for my spring capsule.

Favorite vegan profile

Molly from Fashion Veggie, because she´s so beautiful, smart, compassionate, and a mommy-to-be.

Thought of the month

Sustainable hacks. I´ve almost made it a sport to find those little things that I can change in my life to be more sustainable. It´s really fun and inspiring! I´m thinking about sharing my best sustainable hacks with you – would you like that?


Love, Clara



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  1. Clara! I loved your music + blogger rec’s!! Have JM’s song on repeat 🙂 Would love to read about about your own sustainable solutions for greener living! I just ordered steel straws since my partner uses staws, and we’re adding plastic-free charcoal filters to our water pitchers at home! We also use zero waste bamboo toothbrushes which I’m a big fan of 😉

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