Melissa loves plastic! So, for all plastic sceptics, this brand might be a bit provoking. Personally I find the most important thing to be the total absence of animals and the attempt to harm them, in their products. They also make the coolest shoes, which is also a plus.

Melissa is a Brazilian brand that wants to help you express yourself through your shoes. Inspired by art, architecture and fashion celebrity collaborations, they create challanging items that will give any wardrobe a lift. Their signature shoe, the Aranha, was born through an inspiration from fishermen in 1979. They have their own sustainability department and continuously works towards a sustainable process. For example the plastic in their shoes can be 100% recycled.

Melissa is more than just a shoe – it is creative expression made into shoes through plastic.













Vegan: vegan friendly

Supply: women and children shoes

Price range: €30-€250

Shop: many shops and international shipping


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