Metallic chic(k)

This is one of my absolute favorite vegan fashion outfits! I love the minimalism of the top, contrasted with this amazing metallic green skirt and statement shoes. The skirt is made from recycled polyester, the shoes are off course all vegan, and the top is in modal from one of my go-to basic wear brands. The clutch was a present from my friends – how lucky am I?! (all brands below)

Photo by Kimothy photography
Photo by Kimothy photography

Modal is a great fabric, it feels so light on the skin and is eco-friendly. The material is made from wood pulp, and the manufacturing process is much more sustainable than viscose, another pulp fabric. Modal is also a wonderful vegan fashion material, as it resembles silk but without the cruelty. In this previous post you can read about more vegan fashion materials.

I absolutely love this skirt! It makes me feel fierce and feminine at the same time, and it has the most amazing flow.

Photo by Kimothy photography

I have been dreaming about this shoe brand for a while now, so I felt very happy when I finally invested in a pair of my own. I didn´t want to interupt the minimalistic feeling of this outfit with a crossbody, so I chose my fav vegan leather clutch to go with this style.

Photo by Kimothy photography
Photo by Kimothy photography


Top: Woron

Skirt: Twist and tango

Socks: Swedish stockings

Clutch: Matt and Nat

Shoes: Mireya Playá


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  1. Wow absolutely love the pictures and the outfit ?? everything is so elegant & in style!!! Would love to borough it from you? hehe

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