Mireia Playà

Fashion forward, creative and with an edge – at least I´m trying to with words describe this vegan shoe brand. Mireia Playà creates bold designs for the modern woman. The shoes range from sporty to sophisticated, all with stand out details that are typical for this brand.

The story of the brand begins with a young girl falling in love with a pair of green platform shoes. Keeping this memory alive, she finally started her own shoe brand honoring the esthetics of those shoes from her childhood. Based on values of sustainability and ethics, Mireia Playà produces their shoes in Spain and only uses vegan materials.

I first came across this brand thanks to vegan fashion blogger Justine (check her out!). I really fell for the boldness of the shoes and can´t wait to get a pair of my own!


Mireia Playà

Vegan: yes

Supply: women´s shoes

Price range: € 95 – € 149

Shop: international shipping


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