My capsule closet – summer

I have to say that my summer capsule is the most tricky one to get organized. Dresses, shirts and sandals all over the place. New and old in a mix, and much bought because it was cheap or a pretty pattern, not because it goes well with the rest of the clothes. The last two summers I´ve been holding back on my shopping and just trying to evaluate and use what I already own. I have already cleaned out some pieces that just didn´t feel right, and I am now starting to feel comfortable with my capsule closet this summer. In this post you´ll find my best tips on how to organize your summer closet.

A white shirt and a pair of jeans shorts can never go wrong. Keep reading for more tips!

Pick a color spectrum

I think that summer should be allowed to be all about color. I love to capture the blue of the ocean, or the pink from the flowers. However, I have come to realize that you should not mix too many colors in one capsule – it quickly becomes hard to work with and limits the use of each item. My recommendation is to go for about 3 colors that work well together, apart from the basics, like white. Make sure they´re the same shade (don´t match neon with pastel, for example). I´ve gone for pink, blue and green for my summer capsule.

Pink, blue and white shades among my tops. The jacket is from Filippa K (see the matching pants below). The black and white striped blouse (also a part of my spring capsule) and the blue tank top are from Jan’n June. You can see me syle the t-shirt dress in my previous Mediterranean outfit post, and the striped blouse in this outfit post. 
Caftan and maxi dress from Twist and Tango. Boho-dress from All the wild roses.

Must-haves in my capsule closet – summer

If I have to pick my absolute favorites in my summer capsule, they would be:

  • Shorts – I have one pair in jeans and one pair in khaki
  • Linen suit – brand new and I´m loving it already, my only regret is that I didn´t get it sooner
  • A maxi dress – I love the boho style in summer, and my turquoise one gets lots of compliments
  • A jumpsuit – preferably something that goes well at the beach as well as the summer party
  • Caftan – this is one of my most used items, and I feel so pretty in it every time!
My bottoms consists of a pair of long, white pants from a clothe swap. A pair of linen pants from Filippa K. Cute pants with a knot detail in organic cotton from Jan´n June. Two pair of shorts – I´m styling one of them in my Mediterranean outfit, and city-chic outfit, post.
My lovely jumpsuit (fast fashion) goes so well with my jacket from Filippa K!

Shoes and accessories

The shoe issue, even harder than picking out the clothes. I think that I have finally managed to decide what I need and use the most in summer – my every day picks have spoken loud and clear. When writing this I have just recieved a pair of white espandrillos, something that I have missed alot. I am so happy with them, and now my shoe collection feels complete.

Apart from my standard jewelry I like to add some boho style pieces in summer – my brass rings and my necklace my mother in law got me at Mallorca. I´m alsp happy with my vegan and ethical bikini and scarf/blanket.

From the left: 1970´s style heels from Mireia Playá. Heeled sandals from Love Sofie. Ballerina style flats with cool studs from Love Sofie. Get 15% off at Love Sofie with my code WITHLOVECLARA
Bikini from small business brand Sparrow swim. I had this last summer for my trip to Croatia, too. Necklace from Mallorca. Ethical and organic blanket/scarf from vegan interior store

Planned investments

Even though I am quite happy with my summer capsule so far, there are a few pieces I´m missing:

The perfect summer dress. Flowy, floral print in the perfect color, leangth and fabric. The hunt continues.

A skirt. I don´t have any at the moment, and I think I´ll look for an A-shape design, preferably in linen or organic cotton.

My new pants goes so well with my sustainable t-shirt (found on sale!) from Carin Wester.

What are your must-haves in your summer closet? Is there something you´re looking to add to it? Please feel free to comment below!




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  1. Love your summer color palette! Mine consists mostly of whites, grays + blues {and black of course, my fave color} but having a capsule wardrobe has made dressing + traveling so much easier!! xo

  2. I loved reading how you assembled your summer capsule collection. All your picks are on-point! And the little jumper with the pink Blazer looks amazing together. I can definitely see how these pieces complement each other and can be used over and over. Amazing work as always Clara ❤️❤️❤️

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