My spring capsule

I asked you on Instagram if you wanted me to share my capsule closet with you, and you answered a clear yes to that question. If you haven´t already, I recommend you read my post about how I got started with my capsule wardrobe.

I´ve only done the capsule thing since September 2017, so I´m still quite new to this. So far, spring has been the most difficult season to handle. Not in terms of knowing what I want to have in my spring capsule, but because the weather is so unpredictable in Sweden this time of the year. Until mid-April the temperature did not go above 10 degrees Celcius, and then suddenly the temp hit 20+ and has stayed there ever since. I feel that I´ve managed quite okay with my spring capsule, though. Here is how I´ve planned it.

A fraction of my spring capsule.

Colors and fabrics

I´ve gone all in for light colors like beige, white, light blue and light grey. It just feels so right this time of the year. I focus on soft fabrics like modal, organic cotton and viscose. The most important rule when having a capsule closet is to make sure that as many items as possible go together. It will give you so many more outfit options.



A part from one black dress, and one red jacket, all my tops go in light versions of white, grey, pink and blue. Some of the brands include: People tree, Jan´n June, Woron, Toba.


Again, light colors and soft fabrics. From the left: Cheap Monday, Noumenon, House of Dagmar, Åhléns, Wunderwerk.


This is really all one needs when it comes to shoes. A pair of comfortable heels, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of statement shoes. From the left: Po & Zu, Matt and Nat, Mireya Playà.

Coats and jackets

At the start of spring I really need a warmer coat, and by the end of it I pretty much need nothing at all. That´s why I have a flexible collection of coats and jackets for this season. From the left: Massimo Dutti, swapped coat from New York, trenchcoat by Tiger of Sweden, cork jacket from Ovide.



Having a solid base with neutral colors is a safe bet when working with capsule closets. However, it might tend to get a bit boring. My best tips for adding some fun features to your outfits are:

  • Colorful socks – get inspired by my first days of spring outfit
  • Colorful makeup, like a great eyeshadow palette, nailpolish or lipstick
  • Accessories – I went for a bold choice and got a pair of red heels. They make every outfit feel like a million dollar!
  • Play with the styling:
Monochrome is one of my go-to styles. Shoes: Mireia Playà. Jeans: organic cotton from Cheap Monday. Jeans shirt: old from Lee. Bag: in cork, from Pure Ineke.


Clean, simple and so chic. Shoes: Po & Zu. Chinos: organic cotton from Wunderwerk. Blouse: recycled polyester from Jan´n June.


Add a pop of color! Shoes: Matt and Nat. Pants: modal from Noumenon. Top: Davis fashion. Jacket: old from Åhléns.


I hope this gave you some inspiration! What are your best tips for getting your capsule closet together?


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    1. That´s amazing! It truly is a great thing, I feel like my options are much more and I´ve become more creative with my styling. Good luck love!

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