My vegan Christmas gift guide – three mindful gifts to spread joy this holiday

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas! How lovely is this season?! There is so much I love about Christmas, all the food, joy, candles, and just staying at home being mindful and present while listening to Christmas music. One shift that I´ve noticed the last years though, is my decreasing interest in, and need to, go shopping for presents, decorations, and other material things. Don´t get me wrong – I also feel the urge to submit to my inner shoppaholic every now and then. Shopping does trigger that reward system in our brains, even in mine 🙂 But I am much more mindful about it now, and I have shifted my focus from things to feelings. Feeling the Christmas spirit is so much more rewarding than filling our lives with more stuff in order to evocate it. It just got so clear to me when my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I realised I hadn´t even given it one thought this year. I had no idea!

However, giving our loved ones presents on Christmas is a tradition that for many can be hard to let go of. I totally get it! So, rather than trying to push for a change that can be too radical for some, I want to urge you to be mindful about what you give. Use Christmas as a wonderful opportunity to vote with your money. I´ve put together a mindful, all vegan gift guide that hopefully can help you make more consciuos choices. Hope you enjoy it!

Recycled is the new black

I can see the shift in society towards more sustainable gifting, since this year´s Christmas present in Sweden is: the recycled sweater! I took a little jump of joy when I found out. Here are two suggestions on perfect, recycled fashion items to give this Christmas.

For him

A vest is a timeless wardrobe staple that everyone should have in their closet. Get this warm and stylish item, made from 100% recycled polyester, at

For her

An absolutely beautiful kimono that works on the beach just as well as over a shirt and pants at the office. Made from 100% recycled polyester. Get it at

Spread the light

Scented candles are definately a must for most of us these days. Did you know that many candles contain paraffin, that is carcinogenic? Or that not all candles are vegan, containing for example beeswax? I know, it´s insane! 🙂 Don´t worry though, I´ve got you.

Give a mindful, vegan candle this Christmas. This one has a pink grape scent and can be bought at

It´s time for a change

Aren´t I clever? A beautiful wrist watch is an accessory that never goes out of time… Oh, I did it again! 🙂 Make it extra special by chosing an ethical, sustainable watch brand this year.

For him

The classic black and silver never goes out of style. Get it at

For her

I just could not resist this beautiful rose gold and grey watch from



I hope this was helpful! Don´t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

From me yo you, happy holidays!


With love,



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