My vegan shopping list for 2018

I hope you´ve had a good start on the new year 2018 so far. As I talked about in my previous post about my sustainable new year, I have written a list of all the things I already know that I want to buy during this year. There might off course be some things added to the list, but I will prioritize these items and not buy anything else until I have invested in everything on this list. At least that´s the plan… Here goes.

Vegan shopping list 2018

  • A dress for a wedding I´m attending in August (if I cannot make use of something I already own, let me get back to you on that one)
  • A pair of high heeled pumps. I only have one pair of cruelty free ones, I´m wearing them in this outfit post. I think I´ve already decided on this brand.
  • A pair of blue jeans – there is no better alround classic fashion item! I actually don´t own a pair of blue jeans at the moment, only black and grey.
  • A Falabella bag from Stella McCartney. This would be a dream come true, such a vegan fashion statement item!
  • A vegan leather jacket, maybe from this brand
  • A faux fur coat
  • Something green – green is the it-color this spring
  • Something pink and something yellow – the two it-colors to pair this spring
  • Sneakers, I am thinking about a pair from this brand.
  • Slingbacks – any tip for a suitable brand?

That´s it. I can honestly not think of anything else that I need to complete my closet right now. I hope that this vegan shopping list will help me stay focused on keeping and completing my capsule and my slow fashion focus. I will make sure to keep you updated on how this goes!



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