The basics: non-vegan materials

The first thing to know when it comes shopping animal friendly clothing is maybe not what to buy, but rather what not to buy. Billions of animals suffer and die every year in the food and fashion industry – billions! The methods used are often brutal and highly unethical. Geese and rabbits have their feathers and fur ripped off while still alive, leather is produced in countries with no or very inadequate laws and lead to suffering of the animals, pollution of the environment and explotation of the workers, etc. There are so many better options! Therefore I have also done a list with animal friendly materials.


Non-animal friendly materials

The rule is simple: do not buy anything that is made from animals. It can be a bit tricky in the beginning though – what materials are from animals, really? The most obvious ones are:

  • Leather. It is made from the skin of dead animals.
  • Wool. It is taken from sheep, dead or alive, using very brutal methods.
  • Fur. It is taken from dead or alive animals.
  • Down. Plocked from geese, dead or alive.

Some maybe less obvious materials are:

  • Silk. Made by the silk worm to build its cocoon. The worms are boiled/steamed in their cocoons to kill them, in order to get the silk threads out.
  • Cashmere. Taken from goats.
  • Shearling. Wool taken from a lamb or a young sheep.
  • Vicuña. Wool from lama or camel.
  • Angora. Fur from rabbits.

Killed or not killed, using animal products inevitably means farming, forcing and hurting the animal to get what we want. So let´s not do that. Apart from that there is always the ethical point: animals and their fur/skin/flesch is not ours to take. It belongs to them. They deserve to exist for their own sake, not to serve humans.


Look good, do good, feel good.


Animal friendly materials
Let´s leave Mr. Rabbit alone, shall we

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