Noumenon. Just the name is full of soft elegance, and that also describes this brand and its collections very well. Based in Amsterdam, Noumenon is focusing on chic clothing for women, that has a simple design with a twist. They have some pieces that goes well at the office, and other that are perfect for home wear. The fabrics used are all eco-friendly and vegan, off course, like organic cotton, linen, and Tencel.

Nomenon’s collections are made in Europe, and packaged and delivered in an eco-friendly way. Conscoiusness all the way, in other words.

Their pieces are soft-colored, comfortable and many of them have a geometrical twist. I also love the fact that they just launched their own skincare line! Spreading the love and making cruelty free shopping easy and avaliable.




Vegan: yes

Supply: womens clothing and skincare

Price range: €5.95-€375

Shop: international shipping and at these retailers




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