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As you surely understand by now, if you´ve been reading my blog for a while, I am a big fan of fashion as activism. In order to create change, we need to find ways to offer a functionable alternative to the reality we want to challange. When it comes to fashion, there are lots of great animal friendly options, and nothing makes me happier than when a new brand pops up.

Nox-Bridge Watches is a luxury vegan watch brand with a range of only animal friendly designs. I am glad to see start-ups like this daring to take lead and challange the established high-end brands! Designed in New Zealand and manufactured in Japan, these vegan watches come in five different styles with the choice of 41 mm or 36 mm. The watches have a semi-automatic movement with vegan leather water resistant straps and water resistant case.



Nox-Bridge – a quality vegan watch

Nox-Bridge has currently started a crowd funding campaign in order to develop their water resistant vegan leather strap technology further. If you like their stuff – give them a hand in this campain to help them grow even more awesome! I also got the chance to ask the brand-owners some questions to get to know them a bit better, and this is what they answered:

How did Watches become your thing?
Nox-Bridge consists of three New Zealanders from a mixture of back grounds, from Marketing and Finance to Watch distribution and sales.  We all share a passion for watches, fashion and quality produced products which brought us together to create Nox-Bridge.
We wanted to make a quality watch for the fashion industry, in order to offer an alternative to the low standard and lack of features that are currently offered.
Why Vegan?
A big focus was making sure we were using cruelty free ‘vegan’ products.  Current options in this area are few and far between, with most brands only offering genuine leather straps, so we spent a lot of time developing a high quality vegan leather strap that is water resistant unlike anything that is currently offered.
What is your best fashion tip?
Keep your outfit simple and dress it up with accessories.  This is the best way to fit any mood or occasion quickly and effortlessly.


Vegan: yes
Supply: men and women watches
Price range: $307 but currently at a pre-order discount for $204
Shop: international shipping

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