One year with a capsule closet – learnings, conclusions, and how to move forward

September 1st marks my one year anniversary as a capsule closeter. When I started, I had pretty much no idea what I was doing or how it would turn out – but I did know I needed a change in terms of my wardrobe and my relationship to clothes. This is one of the beautiful things veganism has brought into my life – the overall awareness of my habits, and my ablity to make changes quite easily.

When I decided to start a capsule closet it was for a few different reasons:

  1. Even though I had lots of clothes, I almost always felt like I had nothing to wear
  2. It was like all this clutter in my closet was stealing my energy everytime I looked inside
  3. I was having a hard time finding my signature style, because I just had a little bit of everything
  4. I realised that my fashion consumption would have to change in order to live a more sustainable life
  5. I was longing for a change, and having a capsule closet felt like a real challenge

One year, four seasons, and four capsules have passed by since. I have been excited, exhausted, bored, and inspired by it. This is what I´ve learned.

What I love about having a capsule closet

As with everything, capsule closets has both its pros and cons. One thing that I really like about it is that it limts my options. Not having a thousand alternatives to choose from makes it much easier to pick an outfit, and I am rarely stuck, standing and just staring, in front of my closet.

Limiting my options also encourage me to be much more creative when putting together outfits. If I´m bored by my closet, I just try a new combination or add a fun detail.

In the long run, it will save me lots of money. I am still in the making of the perfect capsules, but once it´s done I will rarely have to buy new clothes.

I love all my clothes. There is no room for those not-really-sure-pieces anymore, so I have to be 100% committed to everything in my closet.

What I don´t love about having a capsule closet

It limits my options. Every now and then I just really miss having lots of choices, and buying those wow-clothes that I love right at that moment, and not having to think about all the ifs and buts.

It is hard work to find all those perfect pieces and put together a capsule that really works.

… that´s it. To sum up, I can conclude that I really like the capsule concept.

Moving forward

Will I continue with my capsule closet? Hell yes! I am so excited to do even better in the year to come. There are still a few items that I want to add to each season, you can see what in my shopping list 2018.

I will keep you posted about how I´m doing. If you haven´t already, you can read in more detail in my previous posts about my spring capsule and summer capsule.


How about you? Are you up for the capsule challenge?





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  1. This is so inspiring Clara! Really does make me think about my wardrobe and whether I could stand to reduce it down a bit… You’ve given me a lot to think about – thank you for sharing your experience of capsule closets! Xxx

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