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This post is in collaboration with Pure Ineke. All opinions are sincere and my own. 

I have mentioned this online store once before in my post of the best vegan online shops. However this store deserves an extra introduction, not least because of its fabolous owner, Ineke. At Pure Ineke you can find the highest quality vegan bags from Alexandra K and Bent & Bree, brands that I believe are leading on the vegan accessory fashion market.

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Ineke is such an inspiring person, vegan entrepreneur and style guru. When I got the chance to ask her about her best kept secrets I was really excited, and I´m so happy to share her answers with you now.

Pure Ineke – the interview

Why vegan and vegan fashion?
I have been vegan for 5 years now and most people associate being
vegan in the first place with food. Although I believe that eating a
clean vegan diet makes a huge difference in our health and well being,
I wanted to focus on something else.
In the beginning of my vegan journey, I shared the believe with so
many people that vegan fashion is boring, dull and difficult to find.
However, after doing diligent research, I became very excited about
all the gorgeous and high quality fashion items that I had found and I
wanted to share them with the world. It became part of my mission to
raise awareness and consciousness around vegan fashion and to show
that it can be beautiful, high quality and fun!
I want to show people that it is perfectly possible to be stylish in a
compassionate way. It is so important to realise that we have the
power to vote with our money and to support green and sustainable
companies and brands that don’t hurt or kill animals.
PURE INEKE is at the beginning of a very exciting journey to help make
the world that better place we all want. 

How did you end up starting your own business?
As a serial entrepreneur, I have always had my own business. Aside
from my real estate brokerage, I co-founded a very successful vegan
restaurant in 2015 because I wanted to introduce people to the vegan
lifestyle and educate them in a fun way. Motivated and inspired by all
the positive feedback from our customers, I soon wanted more. I felt
the strong desire to reach out into the world at large. That’s when
PURE INEKE’s vegan handbag store was born. The goal of PURE INEKE is
to expand into a high-end shop for vegan products and services in
order to showcase and make it possible for the world to not just go
vegan and love it, but to create and fall in love with a vegan life
that’s abundant in health, fitness, personal development, beauty and

What are your best styling tips for a great outfit?
I love fashion but I prefer style. Fashion is what you buy and style
is what you do with it. Style is very personal and an expression of
who you are. Although I consider myself a fashionista, I am not a fan
of mindlessly following every fashion trend. I prefer to combine
timeless, high quality basics combined with more trendy, edgy or
fashionable items finished with beautiful details like high quality
shoes, a bag, a scarf, jewelery,…. all vegan of course.
I prefer quality above quantity and ethics and sustainability above fast
fashion. What you wear and how you wear it shows who you are. So
always aim for your ‘cruelty free’ best!

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about starting their own
(vegan) business?
Many people dream of starting their own vegan business and I can only
encourage people to go after their dream. However, there are a few
rules to live by:
* Follow your heart, know why you want to do this and don’t give up.
Knowing your why will keep you going should things get a little
* It’s better to start slow, and start a business on the side than
to not start at all. Be patient.
* Stay in your genius, in other words, do what you like most and are
best in. Acknowledge that you can’t do everything yourself. Building
a successful business can be hard work but the bottom line is that it
should not feel like hard work.
I believe that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and live
your best life whether you want to change your own world or the entire


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