Rental clothes and animal print

Spring is finally here and I am so excited to share this one of a kind vegan outfit with you. There are som many great brands and details in this look, and one for me new way to approach fashion – by renting clothes.

Rental clothes

Maybe you have noticed this new movement within the sustainable fashion community.

I got in contact with Klädoteket about a year ago at an event called FashionUP!, and I was so fascinated about their concept. So, what´s the deal? Instead of constantly buying new clothes to update your closet and stay inspired, Klädoteket offers a rental service where you can rent one or more items for between 2 weeks and 3 months. They also have different subscriptions if you like the concept and want to make it part of your everyday life. Klädoteket works with sustainable brands, many small and local designers, and has a good range of vegan options. If you love your rental piece you can buy it, too.

This was my first time trying out the rental clothes concept. I went for this beige cotton blazer which I thought would be great for a spring outfit. I had it for 4 weeks and then I just sent it back in the same package, I didn´t even have to wash it.

Photo by Kimothy photography
Photo by Kimothy photography

What do I think about the rental clothes concept? From a sustainable perspective I really like it, it´s a great way to update your closet without buying new clothes. Klädoteket´s slogan “Own you style, lease your clothes” really is spot on in this matter. For items that you will only wear once or twice, like a party dress for example, this concept is without a doubt a winning one. For the clothes I wear every day I am a bit more hesitant. I put a lot of identity and pride into my clothes, and I like owning them. However, I really do think I will consider the more long term renting for up to 3 months. It is perfect for my capsule wardrobe, where I can then focus on the basics and add a few fun items every season.

How about you, have you tried, or would you like to try, renting clothes?

Animal print

I styled the blazer with organic cotton jeans and this super cute, animal printed top. Beige heels and my beloved cork bag finished off the look perfectly. You can read my review of this top in an upcoming post, so stay tuned! 🙂

Photo by Kimothy photography


Photo by Kimothy photography
Photo by Kimothy photography


Blazer: Klädoteket

Top: Davis fashion

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Bag: Pure Ineke

Heels: old from


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  1. One of my best friends walked in to her shower recently, and she looked like she’d just steeped off of a Chanel runway! It turns out she’d rented a gorgeous white + immaculately tailored frock from Rent the Runway. I fell in love with the idea of sharing clothes that you may only wear once then lovingly place on a high shelf or the back of your closet. It reminds me of the slogan of one of my fave secondhand shops in Paris: We’re cheap so you don’t have to be! 🙂 Rental sites like these often have pics + details of others who have worn the dress before you, which is perfect because you have an idea of what someone your height/weights looks like in that same garment. I think this is recycling/reusing at its best!

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