Sonas denim

Finally, a vegan denim brand! What´s not vegan about jeans, you might wonder? For one thing, the little patch on the back of the jeans is often made from animal leather. It is also about making sure the whole process is free from animal harm or materials. You can read more about the vegan marking in this previous post.

Sonas denim wants to create happiness for all living beings through their brand and their products. The jeans are inspired by patch work and created to feel comfortable and fashion-forward. The materials used are nearly only made from recycled materials, and never from animals. Sonas is the Irish word for happiness.

They are currently working towards building an animal sanctuary – how fantastic is that!? Every purchase you make will give a small contribution to that mission. You can look good and do good at the same time, if you ask me there is no better combination.









Sonas denim

Vegan: yes

Supply: men and women jeans

Price range: $198-$275 with most jeans at $225

Shop: created in USA, international shipping



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  1. Thanks for posting this! Yes, I think the awesome message and name rocks too ~ Everybody compliments me on my jeans when I wear them out =) Talk about creating positive energy!
    And about Sonas, I just LOVE those multi-color flare jeans!

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