Spring syles: bags

Spring is here! I have been longing like crazy to start wearing lighter fabrics and fewer layers. I am looking forward to brighter colors, thinner soles on my shoes, more sun on my face… Falling in love with spring all over again!

In the previous post you will find all about clothes, and this post is dedicated to bags. How wonderful isn´t a new bag in a light color to match spring´s brighter days?! These are my favorites at the moment.


For him

Matt and Nat Greco
Tokyo bags Tokai
Matt and Nat Zam

For her

Matt and Nat Mardi
Urban Expressions Brook
Gunas New York Bridgette
Jill Milan Nob Hill
Zink Single stripe tote





For him

Matt and Nat Greco

Tokyo bags Tokai

Matt and Nat Zam

For her

Matt and Nat Mardi

Urban Expressions Brook

Gunas Bridgette

Jill Milan Nob Hill

Zink tote



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