Sundried is an activewear brand with en ethical ethos. They care about the environment and social responsibility, and want to make a difference through their business. Their latest collection is made entirely from recycled materials and they work hard to minimize their carbon footprint and to ensure ethical working conditions, by for example manufacturing everything in Europe.  Working cloesely with charities and athletes, Sundried really is making an effort to act responsibly in the environmentally and ethically challanged fashion industry.

Their activewear has a simple, minimalistic design that will not go out of style. This is such a great example of slow fashion, that I wrote about in a previous post. The collections are mainly inspired by outdoor activity, helping you to stay warm/cool and dry.

I use the Sundried cycle gloves to work and I really like them. They have a soft pad at the palm that makes the grip comfortable, and my hands stay in perfect temperature the whole ride (I have about 10 km to work). I also have a sports bra from this brand that I absolutely love – it is the most comfortable one I´ve ever had!







Vegan: many vegan friendly options

Avoid: some long sleeves contain wool

Supply: mens and womens activewear

Price range: £ 15 – £ 165

Shop: international shipping



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