Davis fashion

“A woman should never have to choose between being smart or sexy.” Davis Davis fashion is an LA based, cruelty free fashion brand. Her designs are best described as romantic, feminine and bold. She creates a timeless vintage look for her dresses and fun prints on her tops. This small designer brand uses some sustainable fabrics, […]

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Vegan outfit: first days of spring

For this vegan outfit I teamed up with Pure Ineke, an online store with the most amazing vegan bags! Even though winter is holding on there is no denying that spring will soon be here for real. This transitional season can be quite tricky when it comes to how to dress. I am longing for […]

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March list of the month

You guys have asked for more personal stuff about me. Since this blog is not really a day-to-day blog, I´ve been thinking about how to share more about myself in a more structured kind of way (I LOVE structure, haha!). So I thought that a monthly list of all my activities and favorite things could […]

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